Field Service

A scheduling solution for teams that travel.

Designed for teams like yours

Satalia specialises in systems that can reduce operational costs, unlock long-term value and drive economic growth for our clients.


Delight your customers by delivering on promises you can keep.


Reduce wasteful travel, give your employees realistic schedules and get them home on time.


Manage your teams and keep track of the day's progress. Pinpoint issues and triage high priority tasks.


Choose your KPIs and optimise your workforce appropriately. Save costs and scale your operations with ease.


Stay compliant with your national labour laws and ensure your SLAs are met.


Control your costs and optimise your operations to maximise revenue.

It all starts with making sure you send the right people at the right time.

With Satalia Field Service you can promise your people that they will be sent where they are most needed. For your customers you can respond quicker and provide a better service. It does this all while maximising the efficiency of your operations and minimising travel time.

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Frequently asked questions

What does Field Service do?

Field service schedules teams, optimising your workforce to your KPIs whilst abiding by your business rules. It can operate either in forward planning mode or dynamically, adjusting as new tasks arrive.

What kind of teams would this be suitable for?

This solution is suitable for any team where travel is an important part of their day such as field engineers, home health visitors or sales forces.

What kind of rules can it accomodate?

There are a range of business rules, some of the key ones include, time windows, skill sets, priority levels, cost/revenue, SLAs, geographical regions, number of staff required.

How does support work?

Depending on the plan, we can provide a dedicated 24/7 level support for your business.

Does the solution provide integration points?

Yes the solution has a comprehensive set of APIS for integrating into your business or ERP provider.

Will the system be updated?

Yes, platform wide updates will be provided on a regular cadence based on our roadmap. Please contact us if you would like more information about this.

What geographies is the system available for?

Currently the system is focused on the UK, but we are hoping to expand this in the coming months.

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